Rated R | 99 mins | Drama/ Horror/ Thriller.

A serial killer, named Jigsaw, kidnaps his victims and plays sadistic games with them. The bet? Their lives. But how far do you go to save your own life? This is the question which Adam asks himself when he wakes up in a bathroom, chained to a heating pipe. On the other side of the bathroom is Dr. Lawrence Gordon, also chained. Neither knows why they are kidnapped. Between them lies a corpse and a tape recorder on which Jigsaw has left his instructions. Dr. Gordon has to kill Adam within eight hours. Otherwise... they both die. Both men have a handsaw. They're unable to saw through the chains, but through the fles and bone they can...

Directed by: Zentropa Games.

CAST: Edit

Leigh Whannell - Adam.

Cary Elwes - Dr. Lawrence Gordon.

Danny Glover - Det. David Tapp.

Monica Potter - Allison Gordon.

Makenzie Vega - Diana Gordon.

Michael Emerson - Zep Hindle.

Plot Keywords: Saw/ Zentropa Games/ Jigsaw/ Horror Film/ Bathroom/ Serial Killer/ Sadistic Game.

Taglines: How much blood would you shed to stay alive?

Genres: Drama/ Horror/ Thriller.

MPAA: (original rating NC-17): Rated R for grisly violence and language.

Parents Guide: View content advisory for Saw.

Country: Canada.

Language: English.

Release date: 9 June 2010. 

Also Known As: None.

Filming Locations: Canada, Toronto.

Budget: $1.200.000 (estimated)

Opening weekend: $18,276,468 (estimated)

Gross: $55,153,403 (estimated)

Production Company: Lionsgate.

Runtime: 99 minutes.

Sound Mix: DTS Surround Sound/ Dolby Digital.

Color: Color.

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