R | 99 mins | Crime/ Drama/ Comedy.

A comical version of 30s gangster classics such as "The Public Enemy" and "Little Caesar" it stars John Belushi as Johnny Miloni who becomes intrigued by the Mafia circuit and decides to join it and slowly ranks through the hierachy. However, after finding greed and paranoia, he meets his downfall and uses humor to survive the horror of the dark side of his business.

Directed by: Rockstar Games.

Written by: Rockstar Games.

CAST: Edit

John Belushi - Johnny Miloni.

Sterling Hayden - Don Louis "Big Louie" Pastone.

Gene Hackman - Det. Frank Noth.

Roy Schneider - Det. Ronald Mitch.

Donald Sutherland - Ricky Viegena.

Plot Keywords: Rockstar Games/ Parody/ Gangster Film/ Classic/ Cult/ Tommy Gun.

Taglines: None.

Genres: Crime/ Drama/ Comedy.

MPAA: Rated R.

Parents Guide: View content advisory for The Thief That Won't Fall.

Country: United States.

Language: English/ Italian.

Release date: 29th February, 1979.

Also Known As: None.

Filming Locations: New York.

Budget: $17.000.000 (estimated).

Opening Weekend: $17.980.000 (estimated).

Gross: $28.578.890 (estimated).

Production company: Rockstar Productions.

Runtime: 99 minutes.

Sound Mix: DTS Surround Sound.

Color: Black and white.

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